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Avesoro ha scelto CCH Tagetik Cloud per consolidare i dati finanziari in tempo reale

Scopri perchè Avesoro ha implementato CCH Tagetik sul Cloud, una soluzione unificata in grado di accelerare e rendere conformi i processi di Consolidamento e Closing

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In the mining company we mirror what we've been doing as a society for thousands of years … so we're extracting resources that we want to use as a society.

Now, those easy resources have been taken out, so we find ourselves increasingly working in difficult areas to access, in different geographies or extreme conditions … what that means is … we build a little village everywhere we mine and this has to be self-sufficient, in terms of providing water, road access and internet access.

That impacts our people, our systems, and obviously our costs.

The sites are autonomous, they're like little villages and to attract expertise, especially in the finance realm out there, can be difficult, so, resources are expensive, it's stretched across a lot of areas, not just finance but procurement and sometimes HR and others, so we found our quarterly assets, our quarterly, people were stretched in what were asking them to do, especially around a group reporting.

As a new company, we've developed a new platform of reporting, and people found it tough to basically get it on time and in a high enough quality that was acceptable for the group team.

I knew a lot of solutions that I had used in the past with larger companies, but I knew that they weren't going to work for us, and so looked at was out there that was going to give us deep functionality with a light touch with the implementation and overhead.

When we saw the product that we thought was going to work for us, at the right price point, we went pretty quickly with CCH Tagetik.

There are 4 real pillars that really attracted us to it: was the prospect of automation and allowing the finance team to get their time back, and the shaving the days off our close to make sure we're getting targets met, and even exceeding targets in our hope, and then having a single source of truth is really important for us as well, linked to that really is the ability to drill right back down to the ledger level of detail which means there's no mysteries left anymore, we can start talking about the future, rather than what just happened.

What it will do, it will release a lot of time for finance teams, taking the mystery out of some of the templates that we've asked them to complete.

It will just be automated one single time application.

We're a growing company, we're looking to acquire new assets, and so the scalability of that consolidation tool, to be able to welcome new people into our group and new companies into our group, is important as well.

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