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Video Intervista a Dave Kasabian, Direttore Marketing

Scopri come, secondo Dave Kasabian, Tagetik è in grado di fornire una soluzione tecnologica avanzata disegnata per l'area "Finance".

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It's people meaning The people at Tagetik And the credibility in the confidence that they have from our All the way from the sales cycle all the way through implementation But it's also our customers They have a passion for Tagetik and what we do together that you don't find in a lot of other relationships with vendors and I think that's something that people really, when they get to know Tagetik and what we do that's one of the things that really jumps out at them is our people as well as our customers and how they interact together as a team.

When I was an analyst,what first drew me towards Tagetik is "How do you do that?" because Tagetik has some of the largest and most complex customers out there, yet they have the highest satisfaction levels, we have satisfaction levels and very large customers that are above what other people may have in smaller customers the reason is because we are really focused on the Office of Finance so it's about being able to understand the need and we're developing solutions for finance, we are not delivering technology that's why we call it "Technology in the context of Finance" and that's really what I think drives our satisfaction is were giving them the solutions that they need more so than the ones that we want to sell them which is our real Focus is around the office of finance and everything that we do from an implementation perspective, from a development perspective, from a marketing perspective, is all about understanding and meeting the needs of the Office of finance and so we wanted our Tagline to communicate that to not only our customers but to the General market that that's what Tagetik is all about that's what that delivers.

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