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Demo di 2 min: pianificazione per progetto con CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik supporta la pianificazione a livello di singola commessa consentendo sia la gestione degli attributi qualitativi come lo scopo di progetto, i benefici stimati e l'assegnazione delle priorità che i valori quantitativi come la capitalizzazione dei costi e i costi del personale, tutto in una ambiente facile da usare.

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Project planning in CCH Tagetik gives the users the ability to track employees by project, track individual employee realization as well as keep track of the overall project economics.

Let's take a look.

To begin we have a project planning form that allows us to add new projects right on the fly and creating these new projects is easy as filling in this form, no power users or admins needed here.

We'll have the ability to populate qualitative attributes to these projects, such as the project name of course, the type of project, start date, depreciation month, sponsor, leader, etc … Jumping over to the second tab, here we'll be able to define the project economics.

I can start by adding my new project right on the fly by clicking the plus button, or I can go ahead and start planning the cost for some of the project in progress.

Types of cost can vary by project in industry, but no matter the type of cost users in CCH Tagetik can choose to expense or capitalize them with the click of a button.

Planning the actual dollar value is very simple, we have the ability to allocate the full project cost and then allocate some monthly cost to the current budgeting year.

When it comes to the project planning not only it is important to plan expenses at the project level, but also to understand how to staff these projects.

CCH Tagetik allows you to do that by assigning employees to projects.

Here we have our employees, the total number of work hours per month, the number of hours that have been allocated to other projects, as well as some input fields that allow us to add some additional hours for this particular project, and since there would be many projects submitted by different contributors, CCH Tagetik can give us the ability to review all these projects centrally, take a look at their rankings based on different criteria and adjust those rankings for immediate execution.

Furthermore we have an interactive chart representing the projects and their operational vs capital costs, and maybe we even want to mix and match projects that we'd like to go live with.

Altogether project planning in CCH Tagetik gives users complete visibility into employee utilization as well as the overall project economics.

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