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Keynote The Next Big Thing Marco Pierallini

Guarda i momenti salienti del Keynote della CCH Tagetik in Touch 2018 a Miami di Marco Pierallini EVP Product.

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The CFO today and the Office of Finance are challenged from many different angles continuosly new regulations that are coming and this fact of becoming more strategic and becoming the business partner, the partner of the CEO in running the business require the CFO to run the traditional processes more efficiently and at the same time to extract the value from data and to transform these data into valuable insights to enable data-driven decision-making process.

In this context the finance transformation platform helps the Office of Finance and the CFO to be more modern with the unification of the platform so you can run the different processes more efficiently.

And now with the introduction of the new analytical workspace and the analytic information hub we give the ability to the CFO and to the Finance Department to extract data from multiple sources and not just financial data but also operational data and then validate, reach and transform these data and finally transform these data into valuable information and valuable insights.

So this is the value of the finance transformation platform fot the CFO.