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Demo su Budgeting & Pianificazione

CCH Tagetik supporta tutte le fasi di pianificazione, budget e forecast garantendo massimo controllo sui 3 diversi livelli di previsione - strategico, corporate e operativo - in un'unica soluzione software

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Innovative, flexible and powerful, CCH Tagetik combines built-in financial intelligence with flexibility and ease of the cloud to conduct all your budgeting, planning, analysis and reporting, more effectively in one place.

Let's take a closer look.

CCH Tagetik's unified approach to planning ensure that meaningful inside is delivered to all the people who need it, including finance, analysts, senior management and everyone in between.

Simply build your reports once in just a few clicks, and use them as interactive dashboards, or native Excel sheets to provide executives with at a glance views of key business drivers, financial results and intuitive analysis that you can understand in a flash.

From revenue to work force to operating expenses, CCH Tagetik's powerful workflow capabilities keep all your planning processes is organized and running smoothly.

Planners know exactly what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Deadlines collaboration and workflow are built-in, so even complex plans can be created quickly, getting finance complete visibility and control from start to finish.

Whether you plan top-down or bottom-up, do rolling forecasts or multi-year plans, CCH Tagetik fits the way your team's work, leverage CCH Tagetik top-down planning to easily plan at any level.

It's a snap to adjust budgets by assigning targets, applying different spreading methodologies, manage exceptions and more.

When you need to build a budget from the ground-up, CCH Tagetik fully supports bottom-up planning with line item details and sell level annotation and attachments, making your variance to target analysis, easier.

CCH Tagetik even automates driver based and operational planning.

The same great features are available on the cloud via web form and Excel, giving users the flexibility to work the way they want to.

CCH Tagetik takes planning to the next level, by incorporating balance sheet and direct or indirect cash flow planning and automatically balances financial statements and management reports.

You can easily create rolling forecats by combining your actuals with your plans and choose to forecast at the same or at more summary level of detail, and you can also create validation rules to ensure accuracy in the information being submitted.

This deters padding the budget, and reduces the number of iterations required to complete the budget cycle.

Planning has a wide scope and major impact on the enterprise, CCH Tagetik provides companies like yours with a proven trusted solution that meets all your corporate financial and operational planning requirements in one unified, intuitive, easy-to-learn environment.

To learn more contact us today or go to our website to hear what our customers accomplish with CCH Tagetik.

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