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Demo di 2 min: Analisi della Crescita Organica

Scopri come CCH Tagetik può aiutare ad analizzare la crescita organica della tua organizzazione in qualsiasi periodo, escludendo i ricavi e le spese attribuibili ad un cambio di attività (per esempio nuova acquisizione, nuovo prodotto aggiunto alla linea di prodotti).

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Organic growth analysis in CCH Tagetik refers to the ability to analyze the growth rate of a company within its current business without including profits or growth attributable to any new business.

Let's take a look.

On this organic growth analysis form we're looking at a P&L from a regional standpoint, of course as usual at any point in time we always know what data we're looking at by glancing at the filters to see that we're looking at the USA region.

In the first set of columns we're looking at our year-over-year variance analysis at the total USA regional level, drilling into product sales for 2016 allows us to drill down to the lowest level entities and here we see that New York and Chicago are feeding into that 16.5 million, but in 2017, if we drill to see the entities, we'll see a different picture: we can see a third entity in Los Angeles that's feeding into our total product sales value.

So in this example in early 2017 we acquired a company out of Los Angeles, so our 2017 numbers include all of this new acquisition's revenues and expenses.

Using standard CCH Tagetik organic growth reporting functionality, we were able to isolate the impact of any structural change, so drilling into 2017 in our constant total columns, will show us that we removed Los Angeles and are now looking at the product sales for 2017 for only New York and Chicago, so going back to the main form we can see that the initial growth rate for product sales for example of 200% is in fact an organic growth rate closer to 100% with an inorganic growth rate showing a 14 million dollars with the inclusion of Los Angeles.

So we've split the total year-over-year variance between the organic growth and inorganic growth due to the acquisition of the new entity, or it could even be a product or service as your organization might experience.

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