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Demo di 2 min: Differenza Cumulativa di Traduzione (CTA)

Con CCH Tagetik sei in grado di calcolare automaticamente la differenza cumulativa di traduzione a livello di dettaglio e di account, così come produrre report automatici a cui possono accedere, su richiesta, i commercialisti, gli analisti ed i revisori.

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The Cumulative Translation Adjustment or CTA, using CCH Tagetik.

Multinational corporations use CTA to understand the FX risks that can not only distort results but have a profound impact on ongoing operations.

CCH Tagetik makes a generation, application and analysis of the CTA easy for the accountants and analysts.

How is it done? For each account we establish the appropriate FX rate to apply during closing consolidation, these include: the average FX rate applied to the P&L accounts, the spot or end-of-month rate apply to the balance sheet accounts, and the historic FX rates which are applied to the equity accounts and maintain in the CCH database, so we don't need to use an average rate.

This means that during consolidation, not only are the appropriate rates applied in the correct order, CCH Tagetik has the necessary information to automatically calculate the CTA for each account.

As a result, we can develop and derive a detailed analysis on how the CTA impacts specific accounts for specific entity.

For example, this is the Toronto entity, we are looking at the equity section of the balance sheet: In the first column we see the equity accounts in the local currency, Canadian dollars, in the second column we see how these accounts have been converted according to the historic rates originally entered in the system, in the third column we see how the same accounts would total if converted at the current spot rate.

Thus, the final column, the difference is our CTA impact, but there's more.

This detail at the account and entity-level, then consolidates and flows into our balance sheet, automatically.

We can see in this report, how the rolled up balances that make up the CTA evolves in the balance sheet, for even further analysis, yet there's even more! The results are made available in a financial impact report that CCH Tagetik will generate and make available to your finance department as well as auditors.

On demand, as you can see, there's a great deal of detail that underpins this simple number and these represent debits and credits that are stored in the CCH Tagetik database, so they are available for additional reports for analyst and auditors.

Thus, CCH Tagetik gives your analyst, accountants and auditors a detailed understanding of the true operational results and an invaluable tool for planning and hedging against FX risks and all out of the box.

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