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The Planning Survey 19 di BARC - Il più grande sondaggio al mondo di utenti di software di pianificazione

Sulle categorie analizzate nel report di Barc, CCH Tagetik viene indicata ben 9 volte leader e 12 volte tra i top player. Scopri perché i nostri clienti amano pianificare con CCH Tagetik.


Nel nuovo "The Planning Survey 19" l'istituto di ricerca e consulenza BARC (Business Application Research Center) ha analizzato 22 prodotti in dettaglio utilizzando 28 KPI tra cui vantaggi aziendali, successo del progetto, valore aziendale, soddisfazione del cliente, funzionalità di pianificazione, ecc., nel periodo che va dal 2018 al febbraio 2019. Al sondaggio hanno risposto 1.367 utenti finanziari e tecnici di pianificazione, budgeting e previsione e CCH Tagetik ha ottenuto 12 posizioni di vertice in 3 diversi gruppi paritetici evidenziando un tasso di soddisfazione del cliente globale del 97%.

Fonte: BARC (Business Application Research Center),"The Planning Survey 19", May 21, 2019

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RISULTATI KPI: 12 posizioni ai vertici e 9 posizioni di leadership in 3 diversi gruppi paritetitci

SODDISFAZIONEATISFACTION: il 97% degli utenti intervistati è soddisfatto di CCH Tagetik

UTENTI: in media, il 79% degli utenti di CCH Tagetik, utilizzano il software per la pianificazione e il budget

PREZZO-VALORE: l'81% degli utenti intervistati valuta il prezzo-valore di CCH Tagetik come eccellente o buono

BARC — Business Application Research Center

BARC is a leading enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm delivering information to more than 1,000 customers each year. Major companies, government agencies and financial institutions rely on BARC’s expertise in software selection, consulting and IT strategy projects. For over twenty years, BARC has specialized in core research areas including Data Management (DM), Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). BARC’s expertise is underpinned by a continuous program of market research, analysis and a series of product comparison studies to maintain a detailed and up-to-date understanding of the most important software vendors and products, as well as the latest market trends and developments. BARC research focuses on helping companies find the right software solutions to align with their business goals. It includes evaluations of the leading vendors and products using methodologies that enable our clients to easily draw comparisons and reach a software selection decision with confidence. BARC also publishes insights into market trends and developments, and dispenses provenbest practice advice. BARC consulting can help you find the most reliable and cost effective products to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing a fast return on your investment. Neutrality and competency are the two cornerstones of BARC’s approach to consulting. BARC also offers technical architecture reviews and coaching and advice on developing a software strategy for your organization, as well as helping software vendors with their product and market strategy. BARC organizes regular conferences and seminars on Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management and Customer Relationship Management software. Vendors and IT decision-makers meet to discuss the latest product updates and market trends, and take advantage of valuable networking opportunities. For further information see: www.barc-research.com