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Knowledge, experience, creativity, strategy and collaborative execution. A unique way to combine business and pleasure.

Doria House Lab

Nestled in the hills of Lucca in the heart of Tuscany, is there a better way to combine a unique business and pleasure? We don’t think so!

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Doria House Lab is an historical Villa in the hills of Lucca, meticulously restored to its original beauty and adapted to be the perfect environment for collaborative brainstorming with our customers.

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Doria House Lab is our House and it’s your house, it’s part of our unique way of doing business: taking advantage of our heritage, our beautiful countryside, our culture, our passion for incorporating “the human touch” into our relationship with our customers.

Doria House Lab is a modern laboratory on Performance Management: we work hand by hand with our customers to best understand the challenges of the Office of Finance and plan our joint strategy for addressing those challenges.

Doria House Lab is the intimate dimension of CCH Tagetik: through this project we will engage our customers with technology, process, and domain experts from our research and development and consulting organizations, to develop innovating new ideas about how we can, together, address the challenging performance management goals of the office of Finance.

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Doria house lab



Via di S. Alessio, Traversa VI, n. 100

55100 Lucca