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Finance Transformation Platform

The Complete Picture with Complete Confidence

The Finance Transformation Platform is an extension of our Finance Performance Platform to include a new analytical layer. Extending the reach of our CPM down to a more detailed level, with in-depth modelling capabilities and high performance, Finance can now quickly perform integrated business planning, detailed operational planning and profitability analysis with the same level of data governance, transparency and auditability as traditional performance management. Now Finance has CPM plus lower level analytics & modeling all in one unified platform. With a powerful engine and a full 360° view of the information, CCH Tagetik delivers the modern financial reporting platform for today and the future for AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. 

The Office of Finance can now gain more informed insights, adjust quicker to changing market demands, embrace digital transformation and embed a more data-driven, strategic focus for making the right business decisions faster. 

Analytic Information Hub

Financial Performance Platform
Finance Transformation Platform

Consolidation & Close

Double-entry logic for streamlined consolidation, cash flow and close management.

  • Graphical close process workflow
  • Sub-consolidation and segment reporting
  • Intercompany reconciliation cockpit
  • Automated recurring journal entries
  • Allocations and Profitability analysis
  • Management, Legal, Statutory all in one

Financial & Operational Planning & Modeling

Integration with actuals and built-in intelligence for budgeting, planning and advanced modeling capabilities.

  • Annual plans and rolling forecasts
  • P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Top down, bottom up, driver-based
  • Built-in variance analysis
  • Detailed what-if scenario modeling
  • Ubiquitous Process and Workflow
  • Intuitive Web or Excel Interface
  • All plans managed in one model

Global Dashboard

Dashboard views provide the complete picture for making faster, better decisions with confidence and traceability.

  • CFO Dashboard and KPIs
  • Self-service Analysis & Dashboards
  • Global view across finance processes
  • Visibility into all deadlines and status
  • Mobile access to dashboards and details
  • Take action and assign accountability

Treasury & Risk

Cash flow planning, hedging, reporting; optimize cash management across the enterprise.

  • Entity Cash Flow Planning
  • Enterprise Cash Flow optimization
  • Direct and Indirect Cash Flow
  • Exchange rate what-if analysis
  • Currency impact and hedging
  • Treasury Reporting
  • Fiscal and Financial Policy compliance reporting

Reporting & Analysis

Accurate, auditable and consistent internal and external reporting at any level of the organization.

  • Workflow for each report/submission
  • Assign accountability outside of finance
  • Built-in scaling, rounding, and balancing
  • XBRL filing
  • Eliminate data consistency issues
  • Dynamic variables and narratives
  • Native Word and PowerPoint interface
  • Pre-built applications for specific filings
  • Automate board books and monthly reviews

Embedded Intelligence

Built-in financial intelligence and calculations that cross multiple finance and operational processes.



CCH Tagetik automates integrated business planning and makes it easy for operational groups to communicate, collaborate and align with finance.



It's no secret that improving your bottom line depends on measuring, monitoring and managing costs. Not just direct costs, that would be too easy, you also need to determine indirect and activity costs as well.


Modeling & Analytics

Powerful what-if modeling, scenario playing and forecasting including predictive profitability analysis with CCH Tagetik corporate performance management software.



Stay compliant with our suite of regulatory cloud or on premise solutions for Financial Instruments (IFRS 9), Revenue Accounting (IFRS 15), Lease Accounting (IFRS 16) and Insurance Contracts (IFRS17).



CCH Tagetik's powerful engine performs full data management – normalization, validation, adjust and transform to turn your data into information to gain financial insights.

Finance Transformation Platform Key Capabilities 

Unified Financial Management

A single data repository. A single solution. CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform gives finance complete visibility and control of corporate data. From consolidation to plans to forecasts to disclosure to complex regulatory to profitability analysis and all the reports along the way, your entire organization can work in one unified application.

Driving Innovation for The Office of Finance

CCH Tagetik leverages the latest in-memory computing, cloud and mobile innovation. Run complex calculations on large amounts of data, drill down to the details, address multiple stakeholder needs from a single source, trace data (and adjustments) from start to finish, collaborate and find insights previously shrouded in siloed processes. It's all there, all in one solution.

Reduce Cycle Time

Finance needs industry-specific solutions that include built-in financial intelligence to shorten cycle-time, reduce risk, and improve decision-making - with confidence. CCH Tagetik has built-in double-entry accounting logic, currency translation and impact, management, legal and regulatory roll-ups, time dependent hierarchies and more.

Align Operations with Finance

Linking operational metrics to financial outcomes gives finance a complete view of the business. Optimize plans by modeling operational strategies, comparing different business scenarios, collaborating with stakeholders and seeing how decisions impact financial outcomes so you can drive more informed business decisions.

Platform for the Future

The CCH Finance Transformation Platform handles all your data:  from corporate performance management summary level data, complex regulatory contract level data and granular data for in-depth planning and analytics.  With a highly performant engine that quickly processes high volume data, you have the platform for today and the future needs for AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Power of the Platform- on the Cloud

The CCH Tagetik Financial Performance Platform is available on the cloud with full functionality, control, security, compliance and certifications so you can rest assured that your financial data is governed, safe and secure. More so, CCH Tagetik Cloud is infinitely scalable, always available, so you never have to worry about outgrowing it.

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The Complete Picture

Transform corporate data and information into valuable business insights.  With corporate performance management (Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Forecasting & Modeling, Reporting), regulatory reporting and the ability to perform in-depth planning & analytics together, the Office of Finance now has the full information to make the best decisions with confidence.

Full Traceability, from Start to Finish

The Finance Transformation Platform has a powerful but easy to use ETL that allows finance to pull data from multiple sources  - from relational databases to ERP, CRM, BI/analytics and many others to then validate, map and govern it with a comprehensive workflow and audit trail from source system to final disclosure.



Single solution for Financial processes

Single solution for all CPM, complex regulatory and in-depth analytics within a unified offering

Powerful financial intelligence

Powerful financial intelligence across multiple processes for unified reporting, analysis and disclosure

Proven scalability

Proven scalability, both on the cloud and on-premise, to support growing and expanding business and user requirements

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment at a low cost, with no hardware, upgrades or IT required

Proven safety and security

Proven safety and security with SOC 1 Type II certification, data encryptions and ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 compliant

Valuable insights

Gain insights quickly anyway, anywhere with cloud, mobile, dashboards, native excel integration and self-service reporting and visualizations

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Shelly Krpata, Timex’s Senior Manager of  Financial Reporting and Consolidation, and Maria Longo, Solutions Specialist at CCH Tagetik, take you through the journey Timex took, the challenges they faced, and how they benefited by  switching to a scalable solution that transformed their close and reporting process.

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