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Financial Management Solutions for Construction & Engineering

See how every project impacts your bottom line

Large capital expenses & long project timelines mean one bad decision can damage your performance for years. You need financial solutions for construction and engineering to help you plan & monitor how each project or investment affects cash flow, interest expense & bottom-line profitability. 

CCH Tagetik Cloud for Construction & Engineering solution simplifies complex business processes and shows you the impact of your financial plans for improved decision-making.

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Gain insights into project planning parameters

Gain insights into project planning parameters such as work in progress, invested capital and cash flow

Optimize financial processes

Optimize financial processes with integrated financial planning that includes cash flow

Control costs

Control costs with contract estimates up to the final level of WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and detailed design phases


Modernize cumbersome and error-prone manual processes and data entry

Greater visibility

Greater visibility through informative dashboards and detailed analysis for both finance and business users

Single version of the truth

Single version of the truth - across plans, budgets, lines of business, operating units and corporate. Eliminate the debate

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for the Construction & Engineering industry delivers

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Using CCH Tagetik's unified budgeting, planning, forecasting and modeling solution, simplify the strategic planning and annual budgeting process.  A single source of financials enables you to align annual plans with operational budgets, eliminate manual data entry and effortlessly generate periodic and rolling forecasts.

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Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

CCH Tagetik allows you to use cost allocation methods to assess profitability by business division (commercial, residential) and department (marketing, finance). Allocate direct and indirect costs to any level of detail to more accurately analyze profitability by project, client, region or channel.

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Capital Planning

Align finance with operations and standardize the capital plan and budget. Analyze multiple dimensions (cost center, project, location, supplier, others.) and business drivers  (quantity, average prices, transfer prices) while managing milestone billing in advance, retention money, and fixed fees.

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Project Planning

See how changes to project budgets and plans affect the P&L, cash flow and balance sheet. Model projects in order to optimize costs and capital structures. Project owners can manage their own projects by loading, entering or assigning work without burdening system administrators. 

Capacity Planning

Understand resource requirements and capacity constraints that impact project, operational and/or  financial outcomes. Build project or other operational models to play ‘what-if’ scenarios to analyze and optimize resources based on capacity - by project, customer, location or other.

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Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

Plan and forecast cash at every level, from the project level down to contractors' costs on a job-site to the budget line item. With cash flow plans and forecasts that update instantly and automatic double entry logic, see the cash in/cash out impact of cash flow as soon as it occurs.  

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Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

Reduce the time it takes to close the books, consolidate figures and produce reports. In a single system, unify all financial processes. Leverage automation, financial intelligence and a single version of the truth to cascade consolidated figures into reports automatically. Manage and control journals and adjustments. Conduct intercompany eliminations and reconciliation without error.

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Reporting & Analytics

CCH Tagetik’s easy-to-use templates enable all contributors to report on key metrics and performance, regardless of their technical skillset or department. The reporting toolkit includes ad hoc reporting capabilities, custom reports, interactive dashboards, data visualization and more. With a single version of the truth, users can tap into the power of self-service analysis without depending on IT. 

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Consolidation, Cash Flow Planning, Budgeting, Monthly Closing, Enterprise Risk Management

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Consolidation, Tax Reporting, Monthly Reporting

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Maire Tecnimont

Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Operational Budgeting by  project


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Consolidation, Forecasting, Reporting


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Has your outdated financial close systems become an obstacle to your processes? CCH Tagetik streamlines your consolidation process by bringing you best-in-class functionalities. Learn more about how CCH Tagetik enables greater collaboration, breakthroughs in understanding data interconnection and value creation. These are key drivers in any decision making process.

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