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Functional Application Management

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: Foundation

Objectives: The CCH Tagetik Functional Application Management (FAM) course will give anybody who has a CCH Tagetik Administrator role the necessary skills to maintain the CCH Tagetik application. During the course students will learn to get a CCH Tagetik application ready for the coming year. But also learn how to adjust the application in case of merges, acquisitions, new accounts, new products or any other changes in the datamodel. In most companies changes to the datamodel will occur on regular basis. It’s important that administrators are aware of the implications of these changes and when they need to run a deployment. Sending your employees to this course makes your company less dependent of your CCH Tagetik Implementation partner. 


  1. Maintain datamodel
  2. Maintain workflow & process
  3. Maintain consolidation
  4. Other application management tools

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