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CCH Tagetik successfully delivers Arena Group’s Management & Statutory Consolidation all on CCH Tagetik Cloud.

Listen to how CCH Tagetik delivers consistent, timely and accurate data for Arena Group’s Consolidation process on CCH Tagetik Cloud now with more flexibility and less dependency!


With the existing solution the hardest thing really was getting consistent data in using Excel spreadsheets we had monthly data but then really being able to analyse that, at a group level, was very difficult.

It really was the consolidation package that really was the key thing giving good consolidation, good ease of how the consolidation fits together, both from a management accounting and a statutory accounting purpose.

Being able to turn products on and off rather than having to add them in being separate, that was key to us.

Obviously it was the right size product for our business.

The biggest impact has been, firstly the time, in terms, once the data comes in it's reported pretty much the day afterwards where before it would take 5 days to report.

Consistency of data, being able to match the inter-companies a week early, the whole process now is much smoother The information that is now delivered to the group team is much clearer and also the divisions are seeing the benefits of their reporting.

I think in terms of the information for the CFO and also the CEO is the data is consistent, if they've got questions that we can drill down a lot more easily at a group level and then the thing we are looking to implement now will be the dash boarding so they have more real-time information as and when the accounts come in the close process which is more visual.

I think the cloud solution was for us the better way to go, it just meant that everything was in place.

We had the right requirements, also it meant that we didn't have to worry about that, as the system developed it was upgraded and we had access to that straight away.

I think the solutions that we have from the cloud are the infrastructure for one thing and the comfort that it's always supported.

Yes, I would certainly recommend CCH Tagetik to someone else, I think if someone was considering CCH Tagetik, especially if their main thing was consolidation than, I would say, you really do need to look at the product.

That really is its strength.

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