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2 min demo: Data Integration

Leveraging data to drive decisions is a fundamental aspect of strategic initiatives. Watch how CCH Tagetik puts Finance & Business users in the driver seat to manage their own data integration!


Everyday, finance departments across the globe make key strategic decisions driven off data.

Whether it's historical trends and KPIs, industry benchmarks or even leveraging big data for predictive analytics, one concept is clear: Finance must be enabled with complete data autonomy.

CCH Tagetik's open architecture ensures easy and bidirectional integration to any data source through a variety of formats, such as database views and tables, throughout files or even direct connectors to some common source systems, such as Navision, SAP or even NetSuite.

No matter how disparate and complicated your data landscape may be, as a Finance power user inside of the CCH Tagetik platform, one click is all it takes to access a library of different data loaders, I can add a new ones on the fly or I can start modifying existing ones simply by going into the definition of any of the built-in attributes.

For instance, to change the look up table all I have to do is go into the details where I can start managing some of the inputs and the outputs simply by changing any of the attributes or account descriptions, in this case, without any syntax, coding or any other technical aspects.

However, we've put data autonomy and data integration not just in the hands of power users, but also for end users, for instance an end-user working on one of their budgets, can pre-load or upload a lot of data sitting off-line by leveraging some of the built-in functionality such as the Quick Data Loader.

By grabbing an Excel file or a text file right off my desktop the system can give me a quick preview in terms of my rows and my columns of my Excel file in this case, as an end-user I can simply drag and drop my different columns to the different business dimensions of the application or, for even easier data integration owned by end users, I can pre-load an existing preference and hit on the apply button and the system will do the mapping for me automatically and I can continue to run to upload my data as an end-user

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