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Risk Management

Risk management is the process for measuring or estimating risk and developing strategies to govern that risk.

In economics, there are two types of risk Typical (sales risk) and Atypical (financial risk - operational risk):

  • Sales risk: the conduct of regular Sales activities of a company, from standard operations and is connected to investment decisions, strategic choices of development, technical innovation, etc. .. this risk reflects the fluctuations in market demands in relation to the needs of consumers. Within this risk, there is also the risk of reputation that can spread a negative image of the company and may even lead to the failure.
  • Financial risk: relates to financial transactions (active and passive) and is not connected to the coincidence between cash flows incoming and outgoing, these changes may depend on factors both micro (value title, financing costs) and macroeconomic factors ( inflation, political stability of the country)
      • Interest rate Risk is the uncertainty of interest rates that change in the level and shape of the curve of interest rates (with reference to the future cash flows and market values of the activities in the budget), is correlated with imperfect balancing of amounts, timetables and performance characteristics of different active and/or passive.
      • Exchange Risk: is the possibility that the course of a currency may differ from that in force at the time of contract which was based on the affordability available at that time.This risk may depend on three factors and their combination over time: the currency in provided by the post office, by the amount of each of them and by their monetary regulations. Both risks can be covered through tools such as derivatives.
  • Operational risk: results from procedural errors in business management and management of transactions; this type of risk is difficult to identify because there are different types such as human error, natural disasters, legal.

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