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OLAP modeling and dashboards

OLAP stands for online analytical processing. It’s a means of answering analytical queries - otherwise known as slicing and dicing - on data that falls in multiple dimensions. In other words, data from multiple sources which is stored in different locations or formats. An OLAP dashboard is a business intelligence dashboard that visually presents information in the form of graphs, charts or maps for executives to visualize and note trends. Under the umbrella of business intelligence, OLAP falls in line with relational databases and data mining. OLAP is extremely useful in the age of big data because it allows for complex, ad hoc queries on vast amounts of information in a short amount of time.

OLAP can be used for all types of business reporting including: sales, marketing, management reporting, financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting.

It’s important to note that OLAP consists of:

  • Consolidation/roll-up: data is aggregated
  • Drill-down: aggregated data is viewed in its minuta
  • Slice and dice: drilled data is sliced so that the user is only working with a specific set of data and diced so that it’s viewed from many different angles

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