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CCH Tagetik Support

Our CCH Tagetik corporate performance management solutions support team is vital to customer success. It is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll get you there.

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From June 15th 2020 with our NEW Support Portal we’ve got answers and solutions to your tech issues!

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Technical Resources

Browse our technical resources and ask questions in the CCH Tagetik Community. 

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We're Dedicated to Your Success

Our support team is comprised of trained financial application specialists, product specialists, and IT professionals who will collaborate with you to resolve any issue — whether that's a simple user inquiry or a complicated technical request.

Standard Support for CCH Tagetik Customers

If you're already a CCH Tagetik Customer, standard support is included in your annual maintenance fee. It includes:


  • eSupport portal for reporting bugs
  • Unlimited bug fixing
  • Free download of most updated version of your software
  • Access to the CCH Tagetik Library and Question & Answer sessions, and self-help resources 
  • A global network of certified partners that support you locally


  • Access control and provisioning
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Data backup, restore, and disaster recovery
  • Infrastructure performance fine-tuning
  • Access to the CCH Tagetik Library and Question & Answer sessions, and self-help resources

Additional Support Services

Need to extend your standard support package beyond functional issues? Check out our additional support services.

SLA and Escalation

  • Shortened response time
  • Cure period
  • Escalation

** Extra fee on the standard support contract

Follow the Sun

  • Extended first-level support to 24 hours by 5 days

** Extra fee on the standard support contract

Advanced Support Services

  • Release/patch install
  • Functional and technical assistance
  • Application and performance troubleshooting
  • Governance

** Time and material contract

What's Included?

SLA and Escalation:

  • Shortened response time for a better responsiveness.
  • Cure period: Time limit in service hours for providing a fix, a workaround or an action plan.
  • Escalation request: By raising an escalation request, CCH Tagetik Senior Management will be notified. Our senior technical staff will be immediately available to help bring your issue to a close.

Follow the Sun:

Extended first-level support service hours consisting of twenty-four working hours in five working days provided by CCH Tagetik support team based in Europe, Asia and USA.

Advanced Support Services:

  • Release/patch installation assistance: The CCH Tagetik Team supports you with upgrades.
  • Functional/technical assistance: Functional and technical assistance for maintaining your environment. E.e.: New forms implementation, usage of advanced functionalities, new data collection process setting, and more.
  • Application troubleshooting: Our consultants check-up on a specific setting to suggest and apply best practices or the latest functionalities available.
  • Performance troubleshooting: Our consultants check-up on a specific performance issue to apply the best setting to meet your needs.