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Operationalizing Lease Accounting Compliance

Ventana Research recommends that corporations focus on two objectives in designing their systems and selecting software for them. They should ensure that they can collect, retain and report all the relevant data necessary for lease accounting. And they should balance the potentially competing needs of the participants in lease management and accounting processes.

This webinar illustrates:

  • The importance of control and data integrity for compliance with principles-based accounting standards
  • How the new lease accounting standards require new, collaborative processes for accounting
  • Why lease management and lease accounting must be integrated to simplify compliance with the new standards

See Lease Accounting technology in action

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Chapter 1 Introduction and CCH Tagetik Overview

Learn more about the speakers of this webinar and CCH Tagetik Unified Solution, in particular CCH Tagetik Regulatory Solutions.

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Chapter 2 Overcoming the Challenges of Lease Accounting

Hear from Robert D. Kugel, CFA - SVP & Research Director of CFO and Business Research, how to overcome the significant changes and challenges of the new regulatory requirements for Lease Accounting.

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Chapter 3 CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting Solution

Pat Calitri, CPA, CA, Regulatory Solutions, CCH Tagetik, explains CCH Tagetik Approch on Lease Accounting solution.

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Chapter 4 Demo on Lease Accounting

Pat Caliri will guide you on CCH Tagetik Solution for Lease Accounting. Watch the demo!

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