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Démo de 2 min : Gestion de stratégie exécutive

Amélioration des analyses What if et planification des initiatives ! Regardez cette vidéo pour découvrir comment les directions peuvent évaluer différents scenarii et assigner des objectifs à leurs divisions simplement en ajustant les indicateurs clés montrant le rentabilité globale en quelques secondes.

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The executive strategy cockpit in CCH Tagetik will allow C-level executives to evaluate the impact on multiple initiatives, over multiple years, across any are of the organization in a very what-if oriented fashion, on the fly, with just a handful of clicks.

Here let me show you.

Let's assume I've just come out of an initiative planning meeting, I've gained some new insights into the next 3 years of operations and I want to see what those impacts are going to be on our future outlook.

Now, I can select driver criterion, on the fly and see what their impact is, for example if I wanted to just say sales assumptions would probably follow maybe more 'Boost Local Sales', I can make that selection or return it back to the way it was before and see exactly what that impact is on the bottom line, on that income.

Now, let's assume that 'Year 1' is going to stay the same but I know for a fact we're going to be doing a big push on Direct Channel Marketing in the 4th quarter of the 1st year, I want to increase that to 5%.

What's more, I happen to know that we're going to have a bleed-over effect from 'Year 1' to 'Year 2', so I can change my 'Year 2' seasonality pattern to 'Q1 Push' to reflect that beed-over … maybe the criterion we're applying here for microeconomics for 'High' are more appropriate for 'Year 2', so I can go ahead and change that, and in turn, if there's going to be 'High' in 'Year 2' I'm expecting maybe more 'Baseline' in 'Year 3'.

As you can see as I'm making these changes my graphs and my KPIs are all updated immediately as are my 'Net Income' projections for the next 3 years.

I can continue to make these changes even in the meeting itself and discuss the changes and the impacts with my colleagues.

Now, upon saving, CCH Tagetik is going to breakdown these annualized numbers to a more detailed level based upon the 'Geo Splitting' and 'Seasonality Patterns' that I've chosen, this detail will reflect to the most strategic plan detail report.

Here, as you can see, my entities are rolling up to a region, my periods are now rolling up to my quarters and validating to that same projected 'Year 1' net income of 80.6 million, that we saw on the cockpit.

We can now use this in future variance analysis on operational evaluations, we can pass these onto the regions for their evaluation analysis and feedback, what's more, I can continue to play with other scenario models mixing and matching as necessary to see the potential impacts on future operations, immediately, with just a handful of clicks.

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