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Collaborative Office

Duration: 1 day
Audience: Administrators and disclosure Contributors
Prerequisites: Foundation & Reporting (only for CCH Tagetik 5 integrated implementation)

Objectives: This training provides a basic overall knowledge of the set of processes available with CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office. The attendees learn how to design collaborative documents, how to distribute the duties among the contributors as well as how data is retrieved from CCH Tagetik or external attachments.


  1. Uses of CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office.
  2. General overview.
  3. Explanation of the most commonly used Front Ends (Web & Word).
  4. Administrator’s duties:
    1. Document Type.
    2. Document Activity .
    3. Workflow Definition.
    4.  User Rights.
    5. Collaborative Office Document creation.
  5. End-user’s duties:
    1.  Overview of available functionality.
    2. Editing a Document Section.
    3. Compare multiple documents & track changes.
    4. Submission/Approval of Document and Sections.
    5. Create a complete Document.
  6. Tips & Techniques and Best Practices.

Additional info: Available also as Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).


Mai 9 - Munich (DE)

Bureau CCH Tagetik
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