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Novice On-boarding Bootcamp

The Novice Bootcamp is an intensive 2 week on-boarding program designed to improve and speed up the on-boarding of new Implementers. This is part of a 6-8 week agenda, in which Novices will be asked to follow additional training, and to keep track of their progresses. Every 4 week will be planned a follow-up call with the Academy Team to discuss progresses, feedbacks and answer questions.

The Novice Bootcamp is the standard way to on-board CCH® Tagetik new hires, but it can be really valuable also with new hires from various implementers.
Recommended also for Developers and Pre-sales.

Duration: 10 days
Audience: New Employee or Implementers with no or little experience in the CPM/EPM Market.
PrerequisitesWe define as "Novice" a new implementer with little or no previous experiences in the CPM world. New hires fresh out from University or with experience in a completely different market.

ObjectivesThis 2-weeks bootcamp is specifically design to bring a new resource up-to-speed with all the knowledge and skills required to work on a CCH® Tagetik implementation. 

The peculiarities of this bootcamp are:

  • Mix between Product Skills and Soft Skills
  • Team Building and Team working activities througout the whole camp
  • Simulation of an end-to-end PoC, where all the acquired knowledge and skills will be tested and used
  • Overview of the whole Company structure, with dedicated sessions delivered by various Departments

Topics: The Bootcamp agenda is quite busy. Here a summary of the topics:

  1. Welcome by Executives
  2. Data Model Course
  3. Output Reporting Course
  4. Data Collection Course
  5. ETL Overview
  6. Troubleshooting best practices
  7. Overview on the Office of Finance
  8. Presentation Skills + Presentation activities
  9. Additional Soft Skills
  10. Meeting with Departments (Sales, Marketing, Support, Development, etc.)
  11. Final Ent-to-end PoC
    • Work team
    • NOT step-by-step approach, but simulation of the real PoC
    • 2 days activities
    • Final Presentation with "customer questions" simulation

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