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Delivery: every course can be offered as Live or Remote event. Due to Covid-19 emergency most of the delivery will be done remotely, please contact your local training manager for confirmation.
Audience: Administrators, Implementers and Consolidators
Prerequisites: Data Model, Output Reporting and Data Collection
Recommended: Basic Knowledge of Financial Consolidation

Objectives: This training course covers the skills necessary to implement a full basic consolidation process. This course covers standard consolidation- related features such as Intercompany Reconciliation, Accounting Standard Principles and typical consolidation methods.


  1. Contributor Overview:
    • Original data collection.
    • Entity Journals.
    • Submission/Approval process.
  2. Basic Administration overview:
    • Data Model configuration
    • Data collection/Consolidation Process configuration.
    • Consolidation Scenario and Consolidation scope.
  3. Consolidator data processing setup:
    • Automated Elimination Logics
    • Ownership structure register management
    • Minorities Interests calculation
    • Currency Conversion
    • Equity Evaluation
    • Validation Rules.
  4. Consolidator duties:
    • Consolidator duties on Original Scenario.
    • Consolidator duties on Consolidation Scenario
    • Data Analysis.
  5. Tips & Techniques and Best Practices

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