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Budgeting and Planning

Delivery: every course can be offered as Live or Remote event. Due to Covid-19 emergency most of the delivery will be done remotely, please contact your local training manager for confirmation.
Audience: Administrator, Implementers IT Professional
Prerequisites: Data Model, Output Reporting, Data Collection, Database file management, basic SQL Scripting Language (recommended)

Objectives: This training course covers the skills necessary to follow the full budgeting process: from data loading, to customization of specific calculation logics through the implementation of advanced calculations (MDX- like). The course will also provide the ability to implement Profitability model leveraging the CCH® Tagetik built-in Allocation Engine. In addition, all skills necessary to create advanced and powerful Excel forms are included.


  1. Budgeting Process setup
  2. Advanced Reporting tools:
    • Query Management
    • Data Processing Management
    • Spreading and Break back
  3. Assets depreciation tool
  4. Closing & Allocation Process Overview:
    • Rules Structure
    • Allocation Rules and details
    • How to set an Execution Plan and to start data processing
    • C&A Specific Reporting tool
  5. Calculation logics:
    • Standard calculation
    • MDX-like calculation scripting language (TGKML)
    • Forecast Models
    • Rolling Forecast
    • Snapshot Scenarios
    • Monthly Splitting
  6. Tips & Techniques and Best Practices

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