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Démo de 2 min : Reporting analytique

Découvrez les fonctionnalités de visualisation de données et d'analytique qu'offre CCH Tagetik, vous permettant ainsi de partager simplement des analyses pertinentes au sein de votre entreprise et d'aider vos utilisateurs finaux à rapidement travailler sur les données qui y figurent.

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Investigating on data and sharing compelling analysis has been enhanced to be easier and more modern leveraging some of CCH Tagetik's native reporting capabilities.

Let's take a look at some cool examples.

In this case we decide to enhance the operating expense reports by increasing the level of interaction and of course leveraging much more visual indicators.

Financial analysts can actually quickly and easily gauge the help of their overall organization through a high-level KPIs, they can interact with charts and widgets to focus their analysis between fixed and variable costs, and they can parlay of this with some CCH Tagetik ranking capabilities to help with more granular analysis at the individual account level.

For more multi-dimensional analysis, users can quickly and easily drill down on particular cost centers by toggling over their view from all cost centers to Supply & Purchase, with the results updating right away.

But not just this flashy reports can be interactive, even more basic common approaches such as this tabular view can be increased with much higher levels of interaction, using some of CCH Tagetik's native analysis capabilities that allow users to pivot the data and actually, in an in-memory operational grid, start slicing and dicing their view however they like, even potentially focusing on just the first quarter, where they want to maybe zoom-in their analysis on January through March, and since we talked about visual indicators we can even leverage built-in heat maps and bar charts to again visualize this new view on our existing report.

The same capabilities of course can also be made available for more statistical analysis, especially on the HR side of things where maybe we want to take a look at different employees and how many fall into different brackets in terms of salaries, or even analyze the number of FTEs across different entities, or the male and female gender spread between different business divisions.

And lastly, we can even flip over to the revenue side where we do more comparative analysis between international and domestic customers, even being able to focus our analysis between two particular customers and toggling between any particular ones and watch the charts and graphs update right away for that analytical comparison.

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