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Pwac Germany et CCH Tagetik, une combinaison idéale !

Clause Michael Wiegels explique pourquoi la technologie moderne associée à l'approche Finance de CCH Tagetik est une combinaison idéale pour PwC.

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We were searching for the important tools of the future for the EPM Market, there were several tools in place, but we think that CCH Tagetik is one of the major tools, because they have a focus on EPM and they have an integrated approach for group controlling and consolidation as well.

CCH Tagetik fits quite well with PWC, because we have a global approach in our consulting as well as in the EPM area and we have global projects every time in place ….

and this fits quite well with the approach of CCH Tagetik, because every project with CCH Tagetik is more then a global project.

CCH Tagetik has a modern technology, an integrated approach and a strong focus on group controlling and consolidation in an integrated environment, and beside the technology there's a great support for the clients in place.

It's a combination of a modern tool and an expert support in the most powerful environment.

CCH Tagetik now is quite strong in the market and you can see that from the customer's references.

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