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FP&A et le défi de la data : comment bénéficier d'un système unifié

Rakesh Gharbharan, Directeur FP&A de CCH Tagetik, identifie les principaux avantages à utiliser un outil unifié pour la planification et l'analyse financière.

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To be a successful FP&A it's important to have a unified system in place which allow us to handle great volumes of data and processing and drilling down into the smallest level of detail.

A unified system helps us as well to speed up frequent groundwork activities such as modeling and forecasting, and finally one unified system is required to have visibility across the workflow, the status and the audit trail to secure control across the planning cycle.

I believe that an FP&A should have the capability owning the entire chain of data without any IT inter-function or complex coding.

As we have a kind of 24/7 role in the global environment, there's not always somebody available to rely on and by organizing the processes in the correct way and have a good system in place we hope we have many shorter processes as well.

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