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Element 61 voit en CCH Tagetik la seule solution CPM du marché qui soit réellement unifiée.

Découvrez comment CCH Tagetik va au-delà du département financier selon Element 61, anticipant les défis qui doivent être adressés et dédié à trouver des solutions modernes.

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CCH Tagetik opened a new world for us and also for our customers, because they have a very different mentality compared to the other vendors we're already working with, a very strong commitment to the customer success, they're very knowledgeable about the financial part and the scope of the solution.

You feel it in the solution, they always think about the customer, how would he experience that, and they try to strive as much as possible for a solution that can be maintained by the business.

Working with the team of CCH Tagetik is a very nice experience, I think I will expend a little bit because it's also part of the reason why there is a difference in appreciation of the customers and ourselves when working with them, and again they are always available to us, they've supported us in the beginning when we started the business in Belgium by being very involved in the pre-sales phase.

They also helped us in initial implementations, whenever there is an issue you can count on them and they also have a very good technical support….

that's not much to say, I can't find something that comes into my mind which is negative … It's the openness and equality and the functional richness of the product, the company culture, the way that they behave throughout any aspect of a CPM project if you want, the product itself covers … for me, it is the only really unified solution that exists in the market covering consolidation, management reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting disclosure management … and even they have specific solutions for most specific processes per industry to cover the IFRS 15, 16, 17.

So they're always thinking ahead and trying to find solutions for their main customers, which is still the office of Finance.

They move beyond, let's call it, the financial planning part but they also try to find solutions and they have found the solution, to have an integrated business planning solution that goes from the sales planning part to the financial part, but also tries to cover the operational planning part, you can even do your product custom unit, your planning from a finished goods perspective, and translated it into the different components of your bill of material in a rather straightforward easy way, that is open and you can connect it to different systems which is something that has been very appealing to several of the customers that we are working with today.

Everything fits into its place, they really have a very good product, they have very bright and intelligent people, that are very knowledgeable.

It's the overall picture really.

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