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CCH Tagetik fournit aux clients de KPMG les solutions indispensables pour leur Transformation Financière

Découvrez pourquoi KPMG recommande CCH Tagetik à ses clients pour la Clôture Financière, l'Elaboration budgétaire et la Planification ainsi que le Repoting de gestion.

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CCH Tagetik has opened up many doors, the doors that have open are providing solutions to our customers and to our new customers and these solutions are a kind of an extension of what we provide for financial transformation, CCH Tagetik is looking to focus on how we can purposely use them for financial transformation, planning, budgeting, management reporting and financial consolidation.

The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is the nimbleness and the software itself, the software is very powerful, very flexible and you're able to implement the software in a matter of months compared to other software solutions where it will take you multiple months to implement it and multiple resources, so what does provide our customer is value … that they're able to implement that software quickly and easily and then the resources of CCH Tagetik are fantastic the consultants, they're knowledgeable, very polite and they're looking to help you every step of the way through the implementation.

CCH Tagetik, what they can accomplish, is the financial close, they're able to perform planning and budgeting and really the most important thing is the management reporting.

The solution itself, being so tightly integrated with Microsoft and also being so tightly integrated with Excel… it really brings a lot of value to the customer.

The power of CCH Tagetik relies really within the flexibility, the tool itself … you have one platform where you can do many different things.

When you're looking at other financial software solutions you have to really implement multiple solutions whereas with CCH Tagetik you're implementing one solution that does your financial close you're planning and budgeting and all of your management reporting.

What you get with CCH Tagetik is a relationship, a partnership that will endure the test of time.

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