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Démo de 2 min : Planification des revenus

Découvrez à travers cette vidéo comment CCH Tagetik vous accompagne pour vos ventes, revenus et coût de la planification des ventes à un niveau de granularité tel que les clients ou produits. Mettant en avant statistiques et cibles prédéfinies qui définissent les fonctionnalités pour une planification descendante.

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Sales & Revenue planning in CCH Tagetik can be approached in many different ways, typically depending on the industry and size of the organization.

Let's take a quick look.

Directly from the main homepage end users can access the revenue planning templates with one simple click.

In this example we're planning by customer and product with the ability to add brand new products for a specific customer, choosing from a very familiar drop down list.

Right away the system creates a brand new section for the product we have just selected and the end users will now have the ability to add how many units they plan on selling for this specific product, leveraging simple zero based inputs or any of the CCH Tagetik's driver based capabilities, including planning percentages of discounts for selected months.

Not only is it possible to plan at the individual customer and product level, but it is also possible to leverage the top-down planning capabilities of CCH Tagetik, for instance, to assign a target in terms of year-over-year increase or decrease of units being sold, or maybe to adjust our target in terms of average discount.

For instance, let's say we want to be more aggressive with our discount policy and bump it up from 5.6% to 8%: all it takes is, type in the new number, leveraging this planning capabilities of CCH Tagetik and my total annual revenue number has now decreased to reflect the higher discount we're applying across the board.

To complete the sales planning it is also possible to plan for the related cost of goods sold, or maybe for additional items such as sales commissions as in this example: in this case we're looking at different account Reps and for each of them we're assigning a specific quote of the overall revenue by product family, including also accelerators which will result in a dollar value of their commission, which of course will impact the total sales and revenue margin.

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