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BNP Paribas regarde au-delà de l'élaboration budgétaire et de la planification avec CCH Tagetik.

BNP Paribas Fortis a augmenté la justesse et la confiance qu'elle accorde à ses chiffres afin de délivrer ses budgets, plans, prévisions et reporting intégrés à travers le groupe, le tout dans une plateforme unique avec CCH Tagetik.

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Life before CCH Tagetik is that we had an architecture which was much too complex, due to the size and the history of the company.

We had data quality issues, processes that were much too labor-intensive and the biggest pain point, I would say, is that we have a high risk involved in our processes, because of the need to reconcile data that is scattered around and so on.

With CCH Tagetik we want to replace mostly legacy tools.

We chose CCH Tagetik over the other vendors because during our selection process we found that CCH Tagetik was better than all of them on different domains like robustness, flexibility, reliability, the fact that it has an integrated workflow, possibilities to report and to analyze via drill through and other different capabilities.

It will give the end users better and easier access to the same data that will be both at the granular level and higher level, according to the needs and it still will be coherent, because it will be centralized into the same system.

The benefit of it being one platform means that we can get rid of the fact that we need to reconcile data, that we won't have the redundancy of data, that we won't have possible discrepancies between figures, that we can have one source from the start to the end, from collection and building of the figures for our budget processes, until the reporting that we need to do.

I think CCH Tagetik has a lot to offer, it can bring you beyond budgeting and planning things, including stress test things and regulatory requirements that we need to accomplish, like IFRS 16 and so on, it has a lot to offer to any of its clients.

Yes, I would recommend CCH Tagetik to everybody.

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