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Mediaset automatise efficacement sa consolidation à travers 60 entités légales avec CCH Tagetik !

Découvrez comment Mediaset peut finalement se focaliser sur l'analyse de valeur ajoutée et de ses données grâce à un seul outil, une solution unique telle que CCH Tagetik qui fournit une seule version de la vérité pour la consolidation de gestion et statutaire.

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Mediaset is a company with a great consolidation perimeter, about 60 legal entities are part of it, so the real challenge in our consolidation process is managing all these companies, and also automating all processes in the best way we can: more automation means less time to spend on system customization .

Prior to CCH Tagetik, we had to reconciliate all this information because it came from two different systems.

With CCH Tagetik, we just have one platform with a single list of account and a single version of truth, and it's really important for us, because now, we can concentrate our energy on our own core activities.

The first KPI for us is the overtime we spent to reconciliate data … much less time spent on customizing the system.

Before CCH Tagetik we spent more time to manage the system, now we spend this time to do value-added activities, we have a continuous and positive feedback from the CFO and the other members of the top management.

Recently we have added a feature that allows the single legal entity to separate their annual reports, so CCH Tagetik has helped us to produce our documentation for the annual report for each legal entity.

CCH Tagetik has been adopted also by our controlling entity, Fininvest S.p.a., so all the data comes from the CCH Tagetik platform which flows into the parent company seamlessly.

in a short period of time, reliable, well elaborated and doesn't need any manual intervention.

CCH Tagetik is not an endpoint, because you can every time add a new feature according to your needs, you can add something new to enhance your work, make it faster and efficient, so it's very important for us, because CCH Tagetik allows us improve our performance day by day, by means of implementing new project, new functionalities, by customizing better and better our platform.

CCH Tagetik is a performing IT tool, it has performing consultants, and ongoing support, if we want a good CPM solution we must have access to all these 3 resources, this means that by implementing CCH Tagetik a company will benefit from a flexible and innovative CPM solution, necessary for a modern CFO.

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