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Cognizant s'associe avec CCH Tagetik, un leader pour les départements financiers

Découvrez comment CCH Tagetik offre aux clients de Cognizant une technologie avant-gardiste pour la finance, l'opérationnel et l'analytique sur le cloud ou on premise.

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We see CCH Tagetik evolving as a leader in the Performance Management area, not just in financial performance management but also in operational performance management and with the evolving role of the CFO to a digital CFO, we see different aspects, different behavior of the CFO and also different needs in terms of data and analytics and we see CCH Tagetik as a leading player in that market.

Because of the organization is really agile and fast responding and that really fits with our culture, because although we are a large company we are really organized in a very agile way, so we see that our DNA really fits together.

The hybrid cloud proposition: out in the market there are vendors who only do cloud, other vendors only do on-premise, CCH Tagetik has a good mixture so it really brings the solution that the clients want.

Besides that CCH Tagetik is not only a leader in the financial performance management area but also in the operational performance management area and now with the analytical platform it is also much broader than just the financial performance management area.

The TCO, the total cost of ownership of our clients drastically reduced by using CCH Tagetik software, secondly the whole solution is really owned by the office of finance so you're not depending on IT organizations and thirdly it's probably also the agility and the speed in which CCH Tagetik can react when there is a problem, because everybody knows in life there's always a problem, but the way CCH Tagetik picks up these problems and solves them I think that's really has been differentiating to our clients.

Anyone who works with CCH Tagetik knows that it is very open and friendly … a nice atmosphere and nice people.

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