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CCH Tagetik offre un monde d'opportunités pour CFO Group.

Découvrez pourquoi les clients de CFO Group possèdent désormais une solution élégante et plus puissante pour leurs processus de performance Corporate et Gouvernementaux.

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Our philosophy is keeping Enterprise Performance Management systems very simple for our customers, very clean simple solutions, and CCH Tagetik was the ideal partner for us because the software is so well unified, I actually think that our customers now have a much more elegant solution than they had in the past, so for our existing customers it provided them with a more capable, more elegant solution, but what it did for us as a company, it enabled us to actually focus on an area that we have a lot of expertise in, and that's the Government area, where the big change for us has been is that we've been able to actually take CCH Tagetik and apply to Government Performance Management as well as Corporate Performance Management and that opens up a world of opportunities for us.

Well, absolutely fantastic, we actually chose CCH Tagetik for multiple reasons … that was certainly the simplicity of the solution that was important, the breadth of the solution, but most of all to be frank the people.

It's pretty clear: it is one product to do the whole of Enterprise Performance Management, so one product, one database, one user interface, that's what sets it apart.

Essentially they are able to actually now have one solution that integrates all of the Enterprise Performance Management processes from planning, budgeting, forecasting, management reporting, financial reporting and disclosure, that's the most important thing to actually bring all of those together in a single product and not only do that at the strategic level, the financial level, but also do it at an operational level.

The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is the fact that it is a capable single product, one product that is so important.

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