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10 ans de partenariat à succès entre CCH Tagetik et Alper & Schetter !

Alper & Schetter explique comment CCH Tagetik adresse les fonctions très complexes des départements financiers grâce à ses flux de données, sa rapidité de déploiement et sa proximité avec ses clients.

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It's a mixture of a very high professionality … very professional, very committed on the one hand and very familiar on the other one, spending time with the colleagues from CCH Tagetik is always having a good time on the one hand and getting a lot of results on the other hand so … perfect! CCH Tagetik is a very flexible, scalable software so we've managed to enlarge our scope of projects, from smaller groups to bigger groups, to provide them easy-to-implement functionality and so we were able to cover also the bigger projects in customers ….

it was a great decision for us.

CCH Tagetik manages to be better in almost every discipline and so we can address very complex situations with the software, and this is what makes CCH Tagetik really, in our opinion, more convincing than any other solution.

There's a very good data flow model on the one hand, so this creates all the flexibility we need in the project, makes it different from the solutions the customers are used to, so in my opinion this is one of the biggest topics … and of course the speed of development, the speed in which new functionalities come into the software when it's needed and the close contact with the customers.

We are very happy that it went this way and we're still here 10 years after our first project.

CCH Tagetik is able to compete on every level, in every area of the market, so for us it turned out to be the best decision we've ever had.

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