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Démo de 2 min : Planification RH

Découvrez l'environnement flexible de CCH Tagetik pour réaliser l'ensemble de votre planification des Ressources Humaines. Configurez CCH Tagetik avec vos drivers et laissez la plateforme calculer automatiquement vos dépenses RH et vous fournir de la visualisation pour ces données.

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CCH Tagetik provides a flexible platform that allows users to leverage payroll planning at both the first and last name level and at the positional or headcount level.

In this simple example, we're showing these two ways of planning for a specific location and department.

We can easily switch the view between departments or locations by selecting any one of them from the filter's panel.

We'll connect directly to your source HR system, whether it's ADP, Workday, UltiPro or another HR subsystem and pull in some of the attributes and values associated to your employees.

We can also manage employees statuses by setting them to leave of absence, maybe transferring them, maybe configuring CCH Tagetik to have your own set of options here, and then we have the second type of HR planning here at the bottom of the form, positional planning.

Right on the fly, right at our fingertips, we have the ability to add a new position to plan on based on the positions that we've configured on our database and finally, when we save this form, we're going to have some global and semi-global drivers that are going to drive some of the HR calculations and the expenses behind our employees.

The system triggered all calculations in-memory such as FICA, FUTA or even benefits like insurance, triggering also the approval process for transfers.

So skipping over to our transfer management form, we can centrally manage and have visibility into all transfer requests with the related status.

I see my pending, approved and rejected transfers, all on one form.

And finally the usual output of a payroll planning process in CCH Tagetik is an HR analysis report, allowing us to visually represent and interactively investigate any HR matter that your organization may need.

I can analyze my employees by wages and salaries by position, gender spread, number of employees by entity, number of employees by salary, and so on.

The second tab contains an attrition report which provides the walk through of the activity of our workforce over a certain period of time in terms of the transfers in, transfers out, terminations, providing us with a final ending FTE balance.

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