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solutions for Financial Director and Controller

Managing finance is complex. your software shouldn’t be

Preparing budgets, forecasts, statements, or regulatory and management reports is complicated when processes are disparate, manual or involve IT in procurement of the data, information or reports.


Financial leaders trust CCH Tagetik solutions for financial directors and controllers to unify & automate these processes. In the cloud or on-premise, our corporate performance management software delivers a collaborative approach to financial tasks. It translates high-level strategy into actionable plans and uses comprehensive controls to produce error-free financials and reports.

Financial Director |  Controller



Modernize legacy technologies and toolsets that don’t meet current business requirements


Predict outcomes through scenario playing, what-if analysis and predictive models


Accelerate the process through comprehensive workflow and packaged financial intelligence

Generate insights

Generate insights, not more spreadsheets or data entry, to support better decision-making across the company

Faster and flexible

Faster, flexible and more accurate planning with built-in financial intelligence

Improve data governance

Improve data governance, compliance and transparency with detailed audit logs and single version of the truth

With CCH Tagetik, financial director & Controller gain a unified approach to Corporate Performance Management

Modernize planning, budgeting, modeling & forecasting

Modern CPM solutions combine planning, budgeting, modelling and forecasting in a single solution, deployed across all departments. CCH Tagetik uses real-time data. So when figures change, all related plans, budgets, models and forecasts update. Data is automatically validated upon entry and rolling reports are refreshed in an instant. With a modernized solution, finance can focus less on menial tasks and more on analysis and strategy.

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Build plans and budgets with financial and operational goals aligned

A globally dispersed workforce means that information comes to you in different formats and with different goals in mind. With CCH Tagetik, operational and financial plans are aligned in a centralized system with a single version of data for uniform goals company-wide.

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Easily reforecast when conditions change

Valid today, obsolete tomorrow, CCH Tagetik gives you the ability to adapt. With historical and real-time data stored within CCH Tagetik, you can update forecasts, forecast across fiscal years, and create rolling forecasts instantly so you’re always on the pulse of your plans.

Total control and governance from close to disclose

With traceability from the moment a data point enters a system to the final report, controllers can manage filings with CCH Tagetik’s audit trail, which carries a complete history of every change. In reports, including audited, multi-GAAP financial statements, the process becomes completely transparent and controlled.

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Full visibility, traceability, collaboration and accountability

Reduce versioning issues, manual errors, overlap and bottlenecks with CCH Tagetik’s workflow and controls. Contributing stakeholders and direct reports can now work within the same shareable document with full security and governance and administrators can seek approvals and receive comments in one solution.

Direct business strategy with visual analytics

CCH Tagetik’s pre-packaged management reports, ad-hoc pivoting, dashboards and advanced analytics give you the ability to dig deep into your organization’s data - in real-time. Choose from visualizations, heat maps, geo-maps, interactive dashboards and access from your desktop or tablet.

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Finance as a Business Partner, not data entry clerks

When Finance’s focus is on menial data entry tasks or stuck ticking, tying and vetting data points, their potential to vastly improve performance is lost. When their focus is on analysis and strategic performance, however, their potential to provide action-driven intelligence is unprecedented. CCH Tagetik automates data entry, minimizes manual input and reduces the time it takes to create plans, budgets and reports. Since all non-finance leaders access CCH Tagetik’s natively integrated Microsoft Office environment, all users are free to create their own reports, with less dependance on finance for data and information.

CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

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