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Financial Management Solution for automotive

Automating Performance So You Can Automate Cars

Innovation is the name of the game for automotive companies who are competing in an industry at the mercy of oil and gas prices, joint ventures and changing consumer preferences. 

To help you get there, CCH Tagetik for Automotive provides you with the performance insight you need to innovate sustainably and respond to opportunities as they arise.  Incorporating operational driver-based planning, production planning with financial plans, forecasting, cash flow, modeling, project planning, and sales & operational planning, CCH Tagetik provides all your planning needs. The unified platform provides you a single, real-time view of your business to make better, more informed decisions with confidence.

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Tagetik Cloud for Healthcare Benefits


Determine True Costs

… and contain them! See the impact of direct and indirect costs instantly

Modernize Financial Processes

Financial intelligence, an intercompany cockpit, process driven workflow, complete collaboration and more

Simplify Planning and Forecasting

Within a single system, strategic, financial and operational plans and forecasts are connected for all contributors

Drive Better Business Decisions

Interactive dashboards, data drill down, management reports - provide instant insights for better decision-making

Lower TCO

Unify existing technology investments and reduce redundant platforms with open architecture and a do-it-all system

Get Everyone on the Same Side of the Road

Collaborators, departments, LoBs - stakeholders can contribute without error and access the information they need without risk


Integrated Business Planning

Dynamic financial plans, budgets and forecasts are just the beginning. Get sales, operations and finance on the same page. Align activities to financial goals and corporate objectives. Easily model business and operational drivers to optimize profitability. Play what-if scenarios to determine the best course of action for your margins. 

Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

Automate the cash in/cash out impact of budget line items. Tap into the power of CCH Tagetik’s accounting intelligence with double entry logic. Create cash flow plans and forecasts with data that updates in real-time. When plans, liquid capital, exchange rates or interest rates change, see the impacts immediately. Then, quickly assess the effect on cash flow and determine the necessary recourse.

Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

Assess profitability of business divisions, production lines, products and channels using cost allocation methods. Analyze profitability by project, region, product line and more. Allocate direct and indirect costs to any level of detail.

Production & Capacity Planning

Optimize resources based on capacity, plant locations, supplier locations or parts. Build business and operational models based on production lines or products. Play out what-if scenarios to determine the resource requirements and capacity constraints that will optimize resources and profitability.

Capital Planning

Align finance with operations and standardize the capital plan and budget. Manage data from multiple dimensions (plant, cost center, suppliers, distribution,  etc.) and assess the impact of business drivers on cash flow and profitability.

Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

Cut days off of the close and consolidate process and accelerate management, statutory and external reporting. CCH Tagetik automatically validates data and upholds regulatory standards. Control journals, create adjustments and manage intercompany eliminations automatically, without moving data outside the system.

Reporting & Analytics

CCH Tagetik comes complete with pre-packaged, compliant,  reporting templates that are friendly to both non-financial and non-technical users. Create custom reports to monitor key metrics. Create interactive up-to-date visualized dashboards and pull ad hoc analytics with no dependance on IT.

Sales & Operations Planning

CCH Tagetik allows you to analyze the operational impact of sales in real-time. Model sales scenarios on operations to see the financial impact. The insight CCH Tagetik gives you into this dynamic relationship allows you to respond faster to changes in volume, input costs, pricing and sourcing as those changes occur.


sumitomo rubber north america - falken tire corporation

Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning (on cloud)

saic volkswagen automotive - ex shanghai volkswagen

Budgeting & Planning

audi Hungaria Motor
Operational Budgeting & Cash Flow
Budgeting & Planning (On Cloud)

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Budgeting & Planning


Consolidation, Fast Close, Budgeting and Planning

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