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basel III solutions

Manage liquidity, don’t let it manage you

As Basel III compliance mandates continue to evolve, businesses need to be able to respond and adapt to changing requirements. You need to comply with confidence while optimizing asset allocation and minimizing risk.

CCH Tagetik software gives you the financial intelligence to automate reporting requirements and optimize cash & asset allocation as the guidelines change. It’s time to take control!

Basel III Software


Increased requirements

Not only must you be prepared for the compliance requirements of Basel III, Corporate treasury must understand the implications of regulations and how they will impact liquidity management and investment decisions.

Modeling & Optimization

Being able to model the impact of changes to compliance requirements and how to best optimize cash and asset allocation while meeting the requirements is essential.


- the sourcing of data from multiple systems
- data checks and validation to ensure accuracy of source data
- calculation of Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), LCR Runoff, Off-balance Sheet Instruments and other ratios
- full audit trail and transparency from source to submission
- stress testing

Financial Reporting (FinRep) and Common Reporting (CoRep)


Reduce compliance costs

Reduce compliance costs by reducing redundancies in your reporting process with a single solution and a single data set

Unify reporting systems

Unify reporting systems by replacing spreadsheets and manual work with streamlined, automated financial, management, and compliance reporting from a single source

Integrated planning and modelling

Integrated planning and modelling capabilities allow you to model the impact of compliance scenarios

Improve performance

Improve performance through informed decision-making that takes into account Basel III requirements

Remove the stress

Remove the stress from stress testing with scenario modelling and easy comparability reporting

React fast!

React fast! CCH Tagetik makes it easy to adapt to the inevitable changes to Basel III requirements and you can do it on the cloud too!



Risk Assessment Scoring & Mitigation

Identify, map, and assess risks - from group to functional levels, then prioritize these risks and focus on mitigating their impact. Using CCH Tagetik for risk management allows you to quickly assess, score and mitigate risks while flexible to respond quickly to changing regulations.


Financial Governance

With full traceability of data and transactions from start to finish, you can see who did what, when, exactly where and why. Set controls, thresholds, validations and sign-offs to manage operational risks that could impact financial performance.


Budgeting Planning & Forecasting

CCH Tagetik allows you to collect and aggregate data; model market rate, volume, spreads, prepayments and more; and run complex calculations using banking-specific intelligence for detailed planning. Easily calculate credit, market, concentration, operational, impairment and liquidity risk with confidence.

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Profitability & Cost Management

Monitor, measure and model profitability, based on more direct and indirect cost allocations, down to the instrument level and build Basel III assumptions into your planning process to see the full risk-adjusted impact of Basel III.

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