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CCH Tagetik Smart NOW

Powerful Agile Planning Apps available on the cloud

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Planning Apps let you focus on your business 

Planning Apps

Capital Expenses Planning 

Make smart capital purchases. Quickly plan for new assets, calculate depreciation, and see the financial impact of purchases down the line. Evaluate long-term needs to ensure your capital expenses align with future growth objectives.

Cash Flow Planning 

Reduce financial risk and improve liquidity. Rapidly create forecasts and run what-if simulations to determine short-term cash requirements. Optimize your cash position by creating alternate cash flow plans and producing precise projections.

Workforce Planning

Optimize your human capital and manage workforce needs. Quickly plan compensation, determine employee costs, and track employee movements throughout the organization.

Risk Adjusted Planning 

Know your risks and plan to mitigate them. Manage risks by identifying, measuring, and quantifying risk events using Monte Carlo simulations and analyzing every possible scenario.

Driver Based Planning 

Create plans for your unique business drivers. Simulate sales, cost, or project plans based on industry-specific drivers to determine the scenario with most desirable financial outcome.

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