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Budgeting and Planning

Duration: 2 days
Audience: System Administrator, IT Professional
Prerequisites: Foundation & Reporting, Database file management, SQL Scripting Language

Objectives: This training course covers the skills necessary to follow the full budgeting process from data loading to customization of specific logics through to the implementation of advanced calculations (MDXlike). In addition, the course will provide the ability to implement a Profitability model leveraging the CCH Tagetik Built-In Allocation Engine and to create advanced and powerful Excel reports for navigation or data entry. 


Focus on budgeting process

Advanced Reporting tools:

    1. Ranking 
    2. Dynamic Form and layout Management 
    3. Query Management 
    4. Data Processing Management 
    5. Check expressions 
    6. Spreading and Break back 
    7. Slicers 
    8. Currency conversion 
    9. Assets depreciation tool 

Closing & Allocation Process Overview: 

    1. Rules Structure 
    2. Allocation Rules and details 
    3. How to set an Execution Plan and to start data processing 
    4. C&A Specific Reporting tools 

Calculation logics:

    1. Standard calculation 
    2. MDX-like calculation scripting language (TGKML) 
    3. Forecast Models 
    4. Rolling Forecast 
    5. Usage of Snapshot Scenario 
    6. Monthly Splitting 

Tips & Techniques and Best Practices

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