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Video Interview with Riccardo Di Janni, Head of Human Resources

Watch this video with Riccardo Di Janni, for insight on Tagetik's strengths and how Tagetik provides Work-Life Balance.

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I joined this company because I've been really impressed by the corporate values the story of this company And the results that we are achieving as well What's most unique about Tagetik is The focus on customers This Company is really built on customers, very focused on how to satisfy our customers I think this is the real strength.

I think that people love to work in this company And customers love our people because people in this company can feel free To produce Results And to satisfy customers I really think this is the strength And this is something that is continuously growing We are a really goal oriented company we believe in our people we trust our people So we don't have a lot of rules A lot of rigid mechanisms to manage people we trust our people and so people can feel free to balance by themselves Their work and their personal lives.

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