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CCH Tagetik captures Ropes & Gray's nuanced way of planning, Learn how!

Ropes & Gray can now build their revenue models with confidence and accuracy with CCH Tagetik's flexible solution.


Ropes & Gray is a global law firm, we specialize in corporate law, IP litigation (Intellectual Property Litigation) and various other practices.

We have offices in eleven locations around the world, six in the US, one in London and four in Asia.

The legal market as a whole has been roughly flat for the last few years now and so any growth and demand that our firm and any other firm who wants to capture has to be either by winning business from competitive firms or by bringing in partner laterally from other firms, they come with a book of business, and so our lawyers have to be particularly focused on maintaining and building client relationships and still you know providing that legal expertise that our clients demand.

We were using Clarity that was our legacy system, for our overhead planning only and we found that we didn't have the flexibility in report building that we needed and we didn't have an ability to drill through the system to better understand our results, those were the two key pain points in the Clarity system but our revenue and our cost of service planning were done entirely in Excel models and that was the biggest pain point, it was a manual process, very time-intensive, it took basically a full FTE's worth of work to just build and maintain this every year.

Ropes & Gray has a very unique way of planning, maybe even unique to other law firms, and that for revenue purposes we really have to start by understanding the attorney FTE that we have, the lawyers are the ones who are driving billable hours and therefore revenue and so any revenue planning that Ropes does has to start with understanding that attorney population and ultimately we want to aggregate that population into various buckets that we'll use to apply demand assumptions or activity assumptions.

That unique planning model is something that we found CCH Tagetik was able to solve for us and that the system was very flexible and allowed us to build our plan from basically a per lawyer basis and then apply demand an activity assumptions to various cuts of that population.

It was really the flexibility and building the models, we went through vendor demonstrations and CCH Tagetik was really able to recreate in those demos the unique way that we plan and so we had confidence in CCH Tagetik above other competitive systems, that we would be able to take our nuanced way of planning and apply it in CCH Tagetik.

We've taken a manual cumbersome planning process that took a whole FTE months and we've shortened that down to weeks just in our first planning cycle following the implementation and we expect that further phases of implementation will shorten that cycle by even more, so we ultimately now have a flexible system, it's more streamlined and we're confident that the data coming out of that system is accurate.

The biggest most positive impact is having a streamlined, automated and flexible revenue model now, not managing that process in Excel like we had been doing but it's a shorter process, we have more confidence in the outputs of that process and so that's been by far the biggest win for our team.

I would absolutely recommend CCH Tagetik to someone else, particularly other law firms who may have a nuanced way of planning that they think a system might not be able to capture, CCH Tagetik was flexible enough to capture our nuanced way of planning and so for that alone I would absolutely recommend CCH Tagetik to others.

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