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Evolve Now: Helvetia's experience

Learn how CCH Tagetik Solvency II pre-packaged solution gets Helvetia compliant to meet all their disclosure requirements with ease.


We are a whole life insurance company and in addition we have somespecialty lines, like reinsurance and project-driven business.Due to the fact that we sign business in different countries, we have to meet various requirements, so a huge variety, and in addition our legal entities have to do some local reporting as well.Before we came to the CCH Tagetik Solvency II pre-packaged solution, we had another solution in place,the so-called Oracle Hyperion solution, but due to the fact that the maintenance has beendiscontinued, we were looking for new solution.

One of the main advantages is that you structure the reporting processesin so called workflows.

These workflows help us in preparing the data and bring it into the structure expected by EIOPA.

Very useful as well is the linkbetween the EIOPA data model and the CCH Tagetik data model.Another benefit from my perspective, in comparison with our former solution, is that we can do very precise individual requests in the database,and of course the easy way that we can produce the XBRL file which then gets submitted to the competent authorities.

There are three main reasons why we chose CCH Tagetik.

First the well experienced team, then the huge customer baseon the Solvency II pre-packaged solution, and finally the opportunity of the workflow cockpit function.

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