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Evolve Now - Generali's Experience

Discover how GPN has integrated all metadata and current data – both transactional and operational – within a single database by leveraging CCH Tagetik Analytic Information Hub.


We serve around 10 companies here in the Netherlands that are part of the Generali Group.Our general ledger system is SAP, that's what we use for internal reporting, but we have to translate that all in Excel files which is all manual work.More employees were doing this for their own company, so that there wasn't a good audit trail.So we were looking for a good audit solution with an audit trail.We are using CCH Tagetik for our quarterly reporting and also for the group financial statement.Then we use the tax modules for the corporate income tax and value added tax.Last year we implemented the Analytic Information Hub to manage our investment portfolio: it's where we collect our data.In my opinion the Analytic Information Hub was the missing piece of the CCH Tagetik puzzle, to have a finance transformation platform.

It integrates the strength of CCH Tagetik which was already in the finance platform, with the Analytic Information Hub.

It has been enhanced with analytic power and also functionalities.

In addition the maintenance of the solution is really easy for the client.

The value of CCH Tagetik is that it is a platform, so you use your same data for multiple purposes in the same application.I believe the real benefit, besides the look and feel and ease of working with it, is that it is a platform that keeps on innovating.

That is also where I see a real benefit.The quality of our reporting was very much increased.

Also we saved time because we only have to do it once.In the future we'd like to implement in CCH Tagetik the forecasting and the strategic planning solution.

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