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Danone chose CCH Tagetik to enable their global finance transformation

Danone uses today CCH Tagetik in 4 main areas: Advanced control reporting & actuals, Rolling forecast management, Profitability management and Self-Service BI reporting on finance data.


WEBVTT My name is Marcin Lobejko and I am working for IS organization in Danone. The responsibility of my team is to deliver data-powered products in the scope of advanced analytics and EPM for multiple business units and different teams in the business. My name is Frédéric Malot, I work in the business transformation team in Danone as the EPM stream leader. As a member of the business transformation team, my role is to ensure that we provide the best solution to support the business and more specifically to support Finance. Before starting with CCH Tagetik, Danone was using multiple EPM solutions with a lot of local customised processes and with a quite limited self-service BI capabilities. Together with Finance we're looking for a solution that would help us to transform both finance and business, to simplify the workflow and enhance the user experience by improving the self-service mode, optimising all the financial processes.

Before starting the world-wide deployment of CCH Tagetik, we had to focus on data specifically: on the quality of data, on the harmonisation of data, on master data in general, to make sure that we can integrate it easily, having in mind the multiple ERPs located in different geographies, the local specificities in terms of local processes and master data, but still assuring to achieve a process standardization and an improved user experience.

When we were looking for the tool that would support us in the finance transformation journey, we were looking at several factors and application features, first of all we wanted to enable self-service capabilities to the maximum level. In addition it was very important for us to have advanced workflow capabilities, and also we wanted to improve the overall user experience, so that the work in the solution is easy and user friendly.

To do that we needed a solution with good functional capabilities but also with an ambitious roadmap. Today in Danone we are using CCH Tagetik mainly in four areas, advanced control and reporting on actuals, rolling forecast management, profitability management and self-service BI reporting on finance data. What I will consider today as unique in one world with CCH Tagetik, is the autonomy of the business.

Thanks to the workflow and the automatic allocation functionalities, users are able to meet their business deadlines, and it was one of our priorities, to provide high quality to the business, from our IS side. The functionality that our users really appreciate is the ability to drill down from the strategic level to the granular level easily, in one solution. Today when we think about the benefits of using CCH Tagetik we can look at a few points.

First of all, it's the unified platform: one place where the finance users can log in, manage the processes in a unified way, accessing through a simple interface and benefiting from a user-friendly, easy-to-manage application.

The second point is the scalability of the platform, with the growing amount of data and the increasing number of processes involved, we need a flexible solution, a platform that can be easily adapted to our needs.

In the SAS mode, it is exactly what we expected.

The third element is the ambitious release plan. Quite often a new functionality is coming, so we can further increase and also leverage to the maximum the benefits of what CCH Tagetik is bringing to Danone. To resume, I would say that CCH Tagetik is a very user-friendly solution for Finance, it allows the Finance teams to be indipendent from IT and to focus on driving the business instead of fixing technical problems. In terms of next step with CCH Tagetik, first of all we will continue to support our finance community delivering the best-in-class applications, understanding the models and in general sustaining the transformation journey, but what is very important for us it's to work very closely with CCH Tagetik on the future releases, the upcoming functionalities and on the scope of the application deployment.

For us the risk model and the functional scope are our main priorities, to also extend the usability of the application within Danone.

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