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Driving outstanding business opportunities with CCH Tagetik: Benelux

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For us as Inlumi it was very important to partner up with one of the leads, together with CCH Tagetik we can definitely make a difference in the market.We saw that clients had a growing need for professional Performance Management tooling and clients in particular wanted a software that integrates multiple processes and CHH Tagetikdemonstrates to have that ability and of course have a strong track record.

CCH Tagetik really stands out as being a software developed for the Office of Finance so it has a lot ofPre-built financial intelligence built into it, and it basically will only work if you model and design the application that you're building in a right way and this is basically where we bring our experience and our best practices to the table.

We leverage to the maximum extent possible the financial intelligence that CHH Tagetik has to offer.Automating a lot of things so the time that is freed up by people can be spent in useful ways somewhere else, then it is making the information visual to allusers or all stakeholders that need to know it, then you can get the insight out of the data but mainly also it can drive to action.

The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is the strong built-in calculation engine in combination with the familiar Excel interface.IFRS16 requires a lot, I would say, and there are complex accounting calculations, complex lease calculations.

Secondly, there are some IFRS16 disclosure requirements as well.When you think about IFRS16, I think it's quite a disruptive standard because it really overhauls the way that people need to think about how to account for leases.I think most people tend to think about IFRS16 really as a compliance issue which in essence it is of course, but when you think it further through actuallyit also impacts, for example, your management accounting and your management reporting, it impacts your planning processes.

You need to think also in your forward-looking statements how these kind of new standards impact those kind of processes within your organization so it's much more than only dealing with your annual financial statements.CCH Tagetik can really differentiate from the competition.

Because competition is or ERP integrated or real estate integrated but CCH Tagetik is just an independent tool running in existing applicationso that really gives our clients flexibility in the choose and the set up.The unique skill that exists is that there is one single focus and that's the customer.

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