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Aggreko chose CCH Tagetik as a key enabler to meet their complex financial landscape.

Learn why CCH Tagetik is a strategic fit for Aggreko, offering a fully integrated and compelling solution to deliver their reporting, planning, group consolidation and IFRS 16.


Aggreko is one of the market leaders in the temporary power solutions market, we rent generators to customers in over 50 countries and we have a wide range of products and a wide range of projects where we have to deliver quickly as customers dictate.

The challenges we have there are keeping up-to-date with legislation and disclosure requirements for all those markets and also providing fast and safe reports and analysis for our overall stock exchange reporting.

I think the modern finance function needs to become more responsive and agile to meet the dynamic landscape, we are focusing quite a bit on getting better operational data linked to our financial numbers and we see CCH Tagetik as being a key enabler of that, with a strategic roadmap.

Our existing solution was very much end of life, we went through, at that point, a selection process, looked at a number of options and I guess it was the strategic fit that CCH Tagetik had, a knowledgeble implementation team, a compelling product a fully integrated solution that is covering the whole workspace if you like in terms of reporting, planning and the group consolidation.

We started off with the reporting and forecasting solution and once that was in place we did budgeting for the next budget cycle and we're now investing further to guarantee to the IFRS 16 module and things like its on the fly currency conversion was a big win for us.

We operate in a lot of markets with a lot of different currencies and it was really quite slow in the previous system to convert.

It's also a very flexible system, you can quickly change to new requirements and new reporting needs, so again it's been easy to support and easy to innovate with.

We can now have everybody working together in a much more parallel and synchronized fashion and that has cut a lot of time out of our group closing process and ease a lot of the local teams frustration and getting things done.

I think it's an exellent product with a wide range of uses and we're looking forward to expanding and developing it in the future.

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