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2 Min Demo: Reporting

Take a sneak peak into CCH Tagetik’s 4 different types of Reporting, Dashboarding, Financial Reporting, Ad-hoc Reporting and Collaborative Reporting.


CCH Tagetik empowers the finance user by providing four unique types of reporting: dashboarding, financial reporting, ad hoc reporting and collaborative reporting.

We'll take a quick look into all four and please visit our library of 2 minute videos for a deeper dive on each one.

Beginning with dashboarding: this feature allows users to visualize data in the system in multiple formats, you'll have the ability to quickly visualize large sets of data coming directly from your live reports and flip through these dashboards with a click of a button, drilling down and investigating further is as usual available right at our fingertips, we can slice and dice the table as we please and leverage CCH Tagetik's in-cell charting capabilities to highlight the most impactful areas.

When it comes to financial reporting, this sample report package includes some KPIs, a P&L, a balance sheet and a cash flow statement.

Taking a look at our balance sheet we're comparing our 2018 budget with a 2017 actuals and highlighting the variances.

Again, I can investigate directly on all of my reports leveraging CCH Tagetik's analytical capabilities to drill down, drill into the cell, drill into the table or drill anywhere in the application.

I also have the ability to drill through CCH Tagetik into your ERP system to see the transactional level details that are feeding into that line item.

Now, let's say you walk into a meeting, tablet in hand, and your boss askes you to show him some sort of report that you don't currently have: with ad hoc reporting you'll have the ability to create a report based on the data stored in CCH Tagetik right on the fly, add any dimensions or filters and with one click CCH Tagetik will have you your table.

Again we can drag and drop the dimensions and leverage CCH Tagetik's in-cell charting capabilities, and finally our CCH Tagetik collaborative reporting includes complete integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, the functionality is the exact same for both, we will have the ability to manage multiple reports and multiple versions of each one, comparing any two snapshots along the way, breakdown each report into sections so that we can collaboratively work with our colleagues on the same report at the same time, track the progress of any report or subsection, connect directly to live data, add displayed highlighted in yellow including the table and validate the data automatically in seconds.

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