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2 min Demo: Ad Hoc Reporting

Watch this video to learn how to investigate and analyze data on the fly from your workstation or mobile device. Get familiar with the intuitive drag and drop, slicing and dicing in memory capabilities of the the CCH Tagetik's Ad Hoc Reporting engine to easily and quickly get the answers you're looking for.


Ad Hoc reporting in CCH Tagetik allows users to immediately interact with any data they have access to and quickly respond to any data analysis request by simply selecting a slice of data they want to investigate.

Let's take a look.

We'll access CCH Tagetik's Ad Hoc reporting directly from the homepage.

One click away when we log in and we have the ability to select any dimension or combination of dimensions maybe even a particular hierarchy that would like to investigate right on the fly.

For instance to take a look at our operating expenses in our entire organization I'll simply navigate to that node within our account hierarchies and select the account or group of accounts that I'd like to investigate and rather than looking at New York City only, I'll take a look at the details at the top of the house.

Now we see the data that we called upon instantaneously and we can easily adjust the view of data and watch it update right on the fly.

But let's say I'd like to add an additional dimension.

Back in the filters I'll add a new one.

Let's say, for example, cost centers but let's leverage the departmental view of the hierarchy and watch CCH Tagetik produce a new table.

Additionally we have the ability to slice and dice at the node level of the hierarchies.

So, for example, I can bring my departments down into my rows but if this is too much detailed I can start deselecting and selecting items within any dimension and watch the view get updated as I make these selections.

And rather than looking at the rows by entity and then department, we can swap these views to see it broken down by department and then entities.

CCH Tagetik's Ad Hoc reporting also offers in-cell chart capabilities to leverage for example the table bar chart or the heat map so that I can easily highlight the points of data that stand out and impact my business the most.

And finally we can export this to Excel at any point in time and continue the investigation within the Excel paper pivoting view.

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