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Video Interview with Pierluigi Pierallini, Founder and Chairman of the Board

Pierluigi Pierallini, Founder and Chairman of Tagetik Board shares the secret of Tagetik's recognition for its support and customer satisfaction.


Firstly, it's about who 'make up' the people in Tagetik.

Until not long ago 99% of the people who work in Tagetik were young graduates, Who learned the first stepping stones of their professional career in a company that was very informal, where everyone knows each other, we call each other by our first names, the levels were reduced, when a Head of a Company contacts us they ask "Am I disturbing you?", you perceive an air of attention for others Which is the basis in order to consider others with attention, even when they are clients.

Secondly Is the satisfaction that a young new employee who works in Tagetik feels from the very beginning, a collective enthusiasm And above all a very concrete continuation Of everything they have learned in school and are found rapidly immersed in complex projects, complicated and large organizations Which makes their work extremely stimulating, fulfilling and enjoyable when one begins to enjoy their work they convey this sense of fun, sense of desire to achieve their goal; Tagetik started out as a small company and so we needed, we could not permit projects that were not going well.

This dedicated attention is perceived from the Head of a company to the newest entry, our goal was and is Complete satisfaction of every project of all our Customers.

Once one begins to be a part of successful projects, they begin to enjoy themselves and this becomes their way to correlate with the Customer.

So being young, being a company that expresses so much culture, to be a company that before, but today I would say, cannot permit to have projects that are not successful; whether it is a very important project is that it is an average project.

Behind every project,there is a person with whom the system relates to and that must be satisfied.

Said by a man much more important and bigger than me, That we need to "Stay hungry.

Stay foolish", we must maintain the desire to always become better, always accept new challenges, never grow old, not physically because you do get older, but with your mind.

So accept new challenges, accept new contexts, continue to play, go and in some way create an ecosystem in which one lives, which are colleagues and customers, continue to express the desire to do, to do well and to respect people.

And it is this respect for internal, external people and customers who are part of this ecosystem.

This is what I believe is the root of Tagetik, which up until now has maintained and I am confident will always continue to do so.

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